This paper presents the strategy behind the conceptual design for Libra FPSOs and the technologies being studied to be applied in the future. Considering new reservoir conditions when compared to other Pre-Salt areas in Brazil, such as high GOR, high CO2 content and high productivity wells, surface facilities team have faced new challenges to define the optimum process plant configuration. Concerns related to topside weight and footprint had to be addressed since the early project phase to make sure that the FPSO would be able to operate safely with high production efficiency in a very restricted area.

Right after Libra block contract signature, Libra Project Team elaborated the documentation to lease the first FPSO (EWT FPSO Pioneiro de Libra) and started conceptual studies for the design of the FPSOs that will develop the production of the field.

Besides the economic benefits related to the increase of the oil capacity, the conceptual studies at an early stage of the field development provided the project team more confidence regarding lead time and technical aspects of the FPSO. It is expected that new technologies development will add more value to the projects in the near future.

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