Development of greenfield-type fields with a gas cap and oil rims on the shelf of Sakhalin Island is always associated with a high level of geological and technological risks.

To assess the investment attractiveness of the projects, it is necessary to provide an in-depth elaboration of the concept, considering many uncertainties of both the geological structure and the development strategy and the subsea construction scenarios.

A modern approach to risk assessment involves the mathematical modelling arrangement of the entire chain of technological processes from the interpretation of seismic data to the calculation of the material balance of the installations for the preparation of produced products.

Integrated modelling at the current stage of technological development allows exploring many combinations of uncertainties in terms of the impact on the final hydrocarbon production profile and, accordingly, the economic indicators of the project.

Possibilities of integrated modeling today are not limited to conceptual field design development. The result was the creation of an effective production planning tool for one of the most promising offshore fields of Sakhalin Island.

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