The purpose of this article is to present a set of experiences and challenges related to the current Buzios FPSOs and the perspectives offered by these related experiences, which should drive further enhancements for next generations of pre-salt production units.

Buzios field is a giant oil discovery located at Brazilian southeast coast and has four production systems already in operation: P-74, P-75, P-76 and P-77. Throughout these projects, Petrobras observed technical and business opportunities that are going to lead improvements for next generation of Buzios field's FPSOs. These include enhancements on high production wells, H2S removal technology, vessel standardization, digital transformation solutions, design procedures improvements and several measures to strength the integration between design, construction, commissioning and operation phases.

During the construction, commissioning and startup period of the Buzios’ current installed units, Petrobras identified technical issues that should be addressed in order to add value to the next generation of Buzios’ FPSOs. These experiences point out to the need of technical design improvements and reviews such as: change in technology of H2S removal from solid bed to membranes; a complete analysis of hull capacities and dimensions and standardization of the vessel; and a set of standardization methods and processes to develop the basic design - including aspects of digital transformation. The result was a standard design project called Reference Project ("Projeto de Referência" in Portuguese) that intends to be a reference for new units to be installed in Buzios field. This design also intends to be the basis to other projects in order to allow faster business decisions.

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