Hydraulic fracturing is a widely accepted and applied stimulation method in the unconventional oil and gas industry. With the increasing attention to unconventional reservoirs, hydraulic fracturing technologies have developed and improved more in the last few years. This study explores all applications of hydraulic fracturing methods to a great extent. It can be used as a guideline study, covering all the procedures and collected data for conventional reservoirs by considering the limited parameters of unconventional reservoirs.

This paper intends to be a reference article containing all the aspects of the hydraulic fracturing method. A comprehensive study has been created by having a wide scope of examinations from the applied mechanisms to the technological materials conveyed from the different industries to utilize this technique efficiently. Furthermore, this study analyses the method, worldwide applications, advantages and disadvantages, and comparisons in different unconventional reservoirs. Various case studies that examine the challenges and pros & cons of hydraulic fracturing are included.

Hydraulic fracturing is a promising stimulation technique that has been widely applied worldwide. It is challenging due to the tight and nanoporous nature, low permeability, complex geological structure, and in-situ stress field in unconventional reservoirs. Consequently, economic conditions and various parameters should be analyzed individually in each case for efficient applications. Therefore, this study provides the primary parameters and elaborate analysis of the techniques applied for a successful stimulation under SPECIFIC circumstances and provides a full spectrum of information needed for unconventional field developments. All the results are evaluated and detailed for each field case by providing the principles of applying hydraulic fracturing technologies.

Many literature reviews provide different examples of hydraulic fraction methods; however, no study covers and links up both the main parameters and learnings from real cases worldwide. This study will fill this gap and illuminate the application of the hydraulic fracturing method.

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