Our system consisted of a Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor, a data acquisition and transmission subsystem, and a monitoring center subsystem. The FBG sensor has many properties: high credibility, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-electromagnetic interference, high measuring accuracy, convenient fixing, and high reusability. Therefore, this FBG sensor can chronically and continuously measure the formation temperature and pressure with multipoint of one line or space distribution under the high temperature and pressure severe environment of the oil and gas wells. The data acquisition and transmission subsystem used the single chip C8051F020, made by Siicon Labs, to realize the data acquisition for the FBG sensor, which acquires wavelength demodulated by a tunable filter, and data is then analyzed, processed, and transmitted to the monitoring center database server through GPRS wireless mobile communication network and Internet. Simultaneity sends an alarm message to the binded cellphone, if the data overflowed. When the data is received by the monitoring center subsystem, they will be published as a web on Internet for the authority user. This system realized remote real-time monitoring of oil/gas wells and provided reliable formation parameters for a reservoir engineering to make decisions correctly and timely.


Dynamic monitoring technology of oil and gas reservoir can provide reliable formation parameters, and is an effective way to improve efficiency of reservoir management. The system transfers the data measured from the formation to the database of the monitoring center by GPRS and Internet, then shows them by web. All datum are the trusty evidence to constitute the reasonable production strategy. Because of the application of Internet technology, this system breaks the limit of space-time, makes the full use of human resource, and devises accurate production decisions rapidly. The unique automatic alarming message function can make the accident disposed effectively, reduce the loss.


Nowadays, the most of the measurement of reservoir dynamic monitoring are still traditional well logging and well testing. Both of them use manual way to collect the formation information regularly or occasionally. Then the information is taken back the research center for processing. It is a long interval between two times measurement, result in the best measurement opportunity can not be ensured. Therefore, the reservoir dynamic characteristics can not be accurately described too. This measurement method is facing the challenge of working in offshore and remote region. Specially it will be failed to collect the data in bad weather. In addition, unnecessary downtime(1) leads to increase cost because of influencing the normal production. The FBG sensor which can work under the harsh downhole conditions(2) permanently can provide continuous date in order to find out the unpredictable abnormal phenomenon in time, such as water exit, sand production, gas or fluid injection breakthrough.

In this traditional method, only operator can monitor the production process from the operating station, but the engineer will not know the alive situation if he is not at the field. It is the reason that production strategy can not be adjusted duly according to the field condition.

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