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Journal Articles
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 36 (01): 174–196.
Paper Number: SPE-191406-PA
Published: 10 February 2021
.... Operational and mechanical factors that were empirically found to result in sand production were identified. The sand‐production model was run to verify the role played by different factors. It is shown that completion design, rock strength, and post‐failure behavior of the rock are key factors responsible...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 35 (02): 362–372.
Paper Number: SPE-193631-PA
Published: 14 May 2020
... and by determining their role in maintaining structural strength. Several PPG hydrogels were prepared by varying the concentrations of polyacrylamide and chromium triacetate [Cr(OAc) 3 ] as copolymer and crosslinker, respectively, using a central composite design. The characterization of these hydrogels...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 35 (01): 001–008.
Paper Number: SPE-190939-PA
Published: 17 February 2020
... valve, surface components of variable‐speed drives, and transformer not included). For each class of materials, we identify relevant material properties and discuss suitable application conditions. strength steel artificial lift conference submersible pump ESP Bronze alloy stainless steel...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 35 (01): 009–017.
Paper Number: SPE-198911-PA
Published: 17 February 2020
... is that it does not have sufficient mechanical strength and it also adds weight to the cable. The EPDM can swell in oil (mineral oil, solvents, petroleum‐based products, and aromatic hydrocarbons) and to a lesser degree in water. For this reason, in ESP applications, it is a common practice to use inhibited brine...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 35 (01): 111–124.
Paper Number: SPE-199363-PA
Published: 17 February 2020
... reported for comparison. Isolation quality is evaluated through permeability tests, performed both parallel and perpendicular to the macroscopic bond interface. For shale, we propose a surface treatment before plug placement that also prevents plug displacement under differential pressures. Strength...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 33 (03): 569–582.
Paper Number: SPE-189460-PA
Published: 09 January 2018
... acetate, which can provide a gelation time between 2 and 4 hours, and with a maximum gel strength of Code G at a temperature of 30°C. Results show that the mature Cr 3+ /KYPAM gel can withstand positive pressure of 10 MPa for a period of 120 minutes with average fluid-loss volume of 15 cm 3 for the core...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 33 (02): 336–344.
Paper Number: SPE-189450-PA
Published: 22 December 2017
... is consistently larger than the manufacturers’ published R -ratios. This paper presents a discussion of the factors affecting the R -ratio and an explanation for the difference between published and tested R -ratios. The R -ratio is not a constant but varies with dome pressure, port-material strength, bellows...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 31 (03): 238–246.
Paper Number: SPE-179737-PA
Published: 18 August 2016
... in the polymer skeleton to promote the extension of these coverings. The polymer skeleton covered by crystalline ammonium salts can increase the gel strength and salinity tolerance as a result of the unique structure of “crab's big claws.” The gelation performance is not seriously affected by the shearing effect...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 31 (03): 247–257.
Paper Number: SPE-172352-PA
Published: 18 August 2016
...) to remove gel cakes induced during conformance-control treatments. The interactions between HCl and PPG were evaluated to understand the swelling, deswelling, and gel strength after adding acid. A Hassler core holder was then used to determine the core permeability after gel and acid treatments. Gels...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 31 (04): 337–350.
Paper Number: SPE-173853-PA
Published: 01 March 2016
... of the gelation process; strength of the formed gel against applied external forces; gel stability; gel shrinkage; and post-gelation-time behavior. This investigation has been conducted for different combinations (gelant systems) of sodium silicate with two types of polymers (a xanthan biopolymer and a low...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 30 (01): 76–81.
Paper Number: SPE-168631-PA
Published: 08 January 2015
... with the development of higher-strength proppants. One such proppant has been developed and commercialized to meet these challenges. It achieves twice the baseline conductivity of any conventional proppant at these high stresses, and should also provide additional advantages because of increased durability. This paper...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 28 (04): 414–426.
Paper Number: SPE-150669-PA
Published: 28 August 2013
... instability. This paper presents proppant-pack-permeability and proppant-crush-strength data collected from a selection of hydrothermal tests performed in sealed test cells packed with proppant and formation material, with no flow and no mechanical closure stress. Long-term proppant performance was determined...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 27 (02): 131–144.
Paper Number: SPE-139875-PA
Published: 29 March 2012
... for degradation of proppant over time has recently been postulated. This mechanism has been labeled "diagenesis" and refers to a dissolution and reprecipitation process that may reduce the porosity, permeability, and strength of the proppant pack as precipitants are deposited. Factors that were believed...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 26 (01): 18–29.
Paper Number: SPE-124874-PA
Published: 26 January 2011
... that might come out of solution during the acidizing process. An experiment consisted of 12 consecutive steps: Core preparation (including drying and weighing) Rock-embedment-strength (RES) measurement before acidizing First acid-fracture etching RES measurement after acidizing...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 25 (03): 345–354.
Paper Number: SPE-119242-PA
Published: 22 July 2010
... 8 2010 Copyright 2010, Society of Petroleum Engineers fracturing fluid iso crush fracturing materials Upstream Oil & Gas white sand hydraulic fracturing strength particle proppant pack conductivity test flow capacity procedure crush testing proppant concentration crush...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 23 (04): 518–524.
Paper Number: SPE-107695-PA
Published: 15 November 2008
... cohesion degradation shutdown wh pressure pulse Magnitude Upstream Oil & Gas injection pressure boundary condition water injector SPE Production strength reservoir geomechanics completion installation and operations reservoir characterization november 2008 operation rock type crossflow...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 23 (02): 184–191.
Paper Number: SPE-103344-PA
Published: 19 May 2008
...H. A. Nasr-El-Din; S. M. Al-Driweesh; A. S. Metcalf; J. B. Chesson Summary Fracture acidizing of carbonates has yielded increases in production in many areas of the world, but depending on rock strength and reservoir closure pressure, this response may be lower than expected. Also, as a result...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 23 (02): 112–118.
Paper Number: SPE-87622-PA
Published: 19 May 2008
... de pozos petroleros evaluation SPE Production drilling fluids and materials hydraulic fracturing outer surface well intervention strength nasr-el-din may 2008 production enhancement cross section doi hardness coiled tubing operations annular pressure drilling houston One study...

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