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SPE Journal Special Issues

SPE periodically publishes special issues of its journals that are devoted to topics of significant current interest in the upstream oil and gas industry. In the past, special issues replaced a regular issue of a journal, but the model has been updated to reflect real-time compilation. This means papers slated for a special issue will publish online as an article in press to be later paginated into a regular issue of the journal. At the same time, these papers will be compiled here in the order of publication to OnePetro under their special issue topic.

Below is a list of SPE Journal special issues. See the other links on this page for information on submitting a proposal and calls for papers.

SPE's Special Issue Model, Process, and Guidelines
Call for Papers


2021 SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference Special Issue

Guest Editors: Knut-Andreas Lie and Rami Younis
















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