This paper presents the concept design of Modular Hull FPSO which consists of a modular hull, topsides and accommodation modules. The hull is made up of three parts namely Forward module, Cargo module and Aft module. Forward module will have a turret if the FPSO is a weathervaning type. Cargo module is further divided into sub-modules along the length of the vessel depending upon the required storage capacity. Aft module is for the engine and propulsion systems. All these hull modules are connected to each other by means of special structural locking connectors to form a single piece FPSO hull at the fabrication yard and completed with topsides, accommodation and outfitting at the quayside.

Since this is a Modular Hull FPSO, the existing Modular Hull FPSO can be re-used for a different field by disconnecting the hull modules at the dry-dock and the same hull modules can be re-used to serve the higher storage capacity of the FPSO by increasing the no. of sub- modules in the cargo module. Also, to suite the production capacity for different field the no. of risers can be added/ removed to the existing turret (i.e. turret designed to handle 20 risers).The Modular Hull FPSO saves approximately 40% of the costs and schedule for re-using the same modules of existing FPSO for the new field locations by adding/removing the cargo sub-modules. The proposed approach is to show the cost and time saving using the Modular Hull FPSOs designs which might eventually be the future trend.

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