The Kuwait Oil Company's (KOC) Sabriyah field, located in North Kuwait, produces oil and condensate from the Jurassic Najmah formation in a structurally complex setting. In 2017, Kuwait Oil Company reprocessed their 50 square km, three-component 3D seismic survey originally shot in 2010, to include shear wave splitting analysis and diffraction imaging. This project was undertaken not only to seismically image the structures better but to also better define faults and fractures and their positioning in the Najmah.Also in order to determine maxium and minimum stress directions and correlate with the known geological areas of maximum stress from previous core work. This work will help the Engineers to determine best orientation directions for drilling programs to add value.

One of the purposes of this project was to help answer the disconnect between the actual well logs,geology and the conventional seismic interpretation when tied to the well on crestal part of the anticline. The other main purpose was to see if we could help engineers place vertical and horizontal wells in optimal positions through the use of P-P,P-S, and diffraction imaging geophysical methods we were able to come up with a comprehensive look at the fractures and faulting of the Najmah as well as match with current drilling results.

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