A multiphase flow meter has been developed for determining oil, water, and gas rates simultaneously. This evolution combines accurate and repeatable flow rate measurements without prior well information, to offer shorter well stabilization periods to enable a significantly reduced flow period. Multiphase meter well testing offers significantly more detailed information on the well(s) performance than the standard test separator.

The multiphase meter provides the need for light operation, reduction in human error and a significant increase in safety and assures increased environmental control. Furthermore, the well test set up does not require extensive numbers of pressurize lines and safety devices as per a conventional well test. The fast acquisition device monitors the wells ‘heart-beat’ throughout the well test. The test period could be reduced to a half of a normal production testing as the trends are being displayed in real time. Thus, giving the user the capability to test more wells per day. On top of this the meter is completely environment friendly, as no burning of gas has to be performed during the tests, all the well effluents are returning to the production line as there is no need for separation.

Periodic testing with accurate rate measurement and repeatability is the key for production optimization of a well. A multiphase meter has been used to monitor and optimize the production performance for artificially lifted wells. Using this multiphase meter, changes in the well performance can be observed immediately in real time. This allowed the operations engineer to manage decisions in real time as to what interventions were desired to optimize the outflow. The engineers now have the ability to do analysis of producing formations based on true accurate real time test data. The multiphase meter has improved visibility into well and reservoir performance.

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