Precise and accurate characterization of a reservoir fluid is a very important factor in reservoir simulation studies. PVT experiments are usually expensive and performed in limited conditions. Therefore Computer EOS based PVT packages are used widely for the prediction and evaluation of fluid properties at reservoir, well and surface conditions over a wide range of temperature, pressure and composition1,2,3,4 . In this work different PVT packages that are available in National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) have been used to complete fluid analysis and experiment simulation of an Iranian oil reservoir and PVT model preparation for the reservoir simulators. This reservoir is a medium size, highly fractured carbonate reservoir located in southwest of Iran. The carbonate formation has dense matrix with improved permeability by presence of fracture network. This reservoir was initially highly undersaturated and after 5 years of oil production the oil pressure reached to the saturation pressure and gas injection was started into the reservoir5 .

In this work different equation of states, different regression methods and correlations were analyzed for the prediction of fluid properties. Considering the results of this work in general good agreement was obtained for the experimental and calculated data for used packages. However, the method used for tuning the equation of states is critical in getting good agreement.

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