Mature fields and new developments. Very different operating arenas but a common objective: produce hydrocarbons as quickly and efficiently as possible. The challenges for today's operators are many:

  • complex geologic conditions such as compartmentalized or stacked reservoirs

  • difficult reservoir conditions such as viscous fluids or tight formations

  • hostile environments, whether deep water or frontier development areas

  • efficient and effective management of the reservoir development process.

It is important now more than ever to look for new and innovative solutions to the problems and challenges facing us in all of these areas. Multilateral technology provides just such a solution.

Multilateral technology has been successfully applied in all of these areas and has had a dramatic, step-change impact in the financial results of many. The ability to deliver an optimal reservoir development plan has been demonstrated time and again; and, in the process, new ideas in terms of equipment and reservoir development strategies have emerged. The adage of "if you can draw it we can drill it" is now more of a reality than it has ever been before. These new abilities allow for creativity to be released and for improved results to be achieved. However, in order to achieve these results, it is important to break loose of the old, self-imposed limits that have been placed on us and free ourselves from the bonds of technical restrictions. Knowledge is the key that can unlock those chains.

Successful multilateral developments will be examined from around the world including the current multilateral hot spots of the South America, and the Deep Water of the North Sea. The impact of these advances on future field developments, both mature and new, will be examined in terms of operational accomplishments and economic success. This paper will also explore the potential of new, synergistic technologies and work processes and their impact on future field development strategies.

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