We developed a reservoir model for potential infill locations in this mature oil field. Prior to a 3D seismic survey expected recovery was over 60% and the field had a limited amount of reserves based on the old 2D seismic lines. The new seismic study showed the crest of the structure was missed during the initial field development. This study was commenced to delineate new well locations and determine if one or more horizontal wells were feasible.

This study consisted of revising the petrophysics data from 11 wells, building an earth model and making a simple simulation model. The field had wells drilled over a fifteen year period from 1972 to 1987. This paper outlines the efforts to obtain a usable log suite including permeability, Swi and Sorw. Information from nearby fields and the initial field simulation using average properties were included in this analysis. This information was included into the earth model and subsequently the simulation model.

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