East Java Gas Pipeline is part of natural gas system in East Java that connects gas source at Pagerungan Island to Natural Gas Markets in East Java. The pipeline stretch about 420 km from the Pagerungan island to Gresik. It consists of 350 km sub-sea pipeline and about 70 km on shore pipeline. It delivers 350 MMSCFD gas to, natural gas consumers such as: power generation, fertilizer plant, and city gas. This paper will describe a simulation study on the pipeline. The objective of this study is to evaluate the pipeline hydrodynamic performance using a dynamic pipeline simulation model. The simulation will be used for the prediction of the amount of liquid that is trapped in pipeline, evaluation of current pipeline flow condition, for the assurance of the pipeline integrity. Pipeline dynamic model was developed by application of OLGA unsteady state multi phase flow. The model will be used to simulate the flow condition in East Java Gas Pipeline, such as: liquid condensation in pipe, scenario of changing gas properties during flow, pigging, and other flow dynamic scenarios. For the validation study of the model, pipeline operation data have been collected. Data that represent various operation condition or cases considered in the study are gathered, and will be compared with the simulation.

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