Since its production, JZ20-2 Gas Condensate Field was harassed by the problem of liquid coning. To solve this problem, step-rate testing was taken in all wells annually. And reasonable production rate was allocated to each well according to the testing results and well's productivity. This method restrained the oil coning successfully for several years.

However, along with the decreasing of the gas field pressure and the gas-oil ratio, more and more wells were affected by the bottom oil coning. So, the development strategy was changed to exploit progressively the nearby small gas-bearing structure to reduce the gas production of JZ20-2 Gas Condensate Field. From then on, the gas reservoir of JZ9-3 Oil-gas Field, JZ20-2N Block and JZ21-1 Gas Field was exploited gradually. This strategy made up the gas shortage of JZ20-2 Gas Field and utilized the gas resource of nearby area sufficiently.

This paper reviews the production history of JZ20-2 Gas Condensate Field. And it described problems met in production and analyzed the corresponding adjustment methods. From these adjustments, successful experiences and lessons on gas field development was summarized.

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