New oil fields are hard to develop and mature oil fields are becoming more challenging and costly to operate. Advances in multiphase technologies have made significant impact on the way oil and gas companies managing and optimizing their upstream oil business. Multiphase technologies, including multiphase pumping, multiphase flow metering and compact separation systems, have been recognized to provide the critical need to alleviate production decline, optimize production operation, and reduce capital and operating costs.

In this regard, Saudi Aramco has undertaken a number of new production related initiatives, developments and projects involving multiphase technologies that are deemed to provide advantages in achieving corporate goals and objectives. The company has invested and implemented significant new multiphase technologies with the goal of maximizing production and minimizing capital investment and operating costs.

Multiphase Pumping (MPP) technology provides a cost effective option to develop remote and marginal oil field discoveries. MPP showed excellent performance during field test projects and resulted in significant incremental oil production. Applications of Multiphase Flow Metering (MPFM) technology has resulted in significant capital and operating cost savings. Continuous and real-time data has enhanced production and reservoir management, which led to improved total recovery. Compact Separation technology is another area Saudi Aramco is committed to pursue its field implementation. The technology has the potential to de-bottleneck existing facilities capacity limitation, and reduce facility cost for new oil and gas field developments.

This paper will provide an overview of the multiphase technologies Saudi Aramco is considering for field applications. It will also discuss Saudi Aramco's experience and future potential applications. The applications discussed have either been implemented or are expected to be implemented in the near future.

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