SBM and Linde have jointly developed a generic LNG Floating Production Storage and Offloading unit (LNG FPSO). The design uses only proven components and can handle a wide range of gas compositions. The flexibility of the concept is achieved by designing the layout and weight requirements for the most conservative scenario in the design envelope. The generic design can subsequently quickly be tailored for a specific field application. The overall topsides layout will not be changed in that process so the results of the safety studies done under the generic development will still be applicable. However, the equipment count will generally be reduced.

The generic development approach, already successfully implemented for oil FPSO's, will allow potential clients to benefit from SBM/Linde's best practices in execution and operations, as those are incorporated in the design, and from a more rapidly first gas date, as a lot of project development work has already been completed.

The LNG FPSO can be used to unlock stand-alone stranded gas fields, handle associated gas from producing oil fields or can be used in a phased development for larger gas fields by installing 2 FPSO's.

Having finalized the FEED phase of the generic LNG FPSO concept by the end of June 2008 (encompassing more than 150,000 manhours and 900+ deliverables) and the associated +/− 10% CAPEX estimate by the end of July 2008,, SBM/Linde believe that a LNG FPSO is a technically and economically feasible concept that can unlock value of gas reserves that are currently considered stranded.

Although the LNG FPSO comprises of proven components, the concept itself is novel and technically quite complex. To make such a project a success SBM and Linde operate as one fully integrated team during the complete project development, which allows to leverage each other's complementary skills, expertise and capabilities to the most. Contrary to an onshore LNG plant, space is very limited on the LNG FPSO and utmost care and creativity was required to arrive at a safe, operable and maintainable topside configuration. Further, SBM/Linde have made some creative innovative concept choices (e.g. in the area of power generation) to strike a good balance between efficiency and simplicity, and to safeguard the reliability of the facility.

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