The paper reviews and evaluates the demand – supply scenario and likely trends of the emerging gas markets in India.

With recently discovered gas reserves, the country's domestic supply is expected to increase at least double by 2011–12. The demand too is expected to increase significantly by 2011–12 in keeping with the GDP growth rate of the country. This paper focuses on three main issues;

  • The potential and limitations of domestic gas production/supply scenario in India.

  • Opportunities arising out of policy initiatives being taken by the Government of India though skewed development of the market due to regulated gas pricing may be a deterrent.

  • The options available to meet the increasing demand for natural gas covering LNG imports, CBM, gas hydrates and under ground coal gasification (UCG) and opportunities for importation of natural gas through pipeline vis-à-vis the existing geopolitical scenario will also be probed into.

The paper demonstrates the upcoming opportunities in the promising Indian gas business and challenges thereof.

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