Using improved integration, data efficiency and more informed decision making, Woodside's Intelligent Fields Management (IFM) has created a step change improvement in the way the Cossack-Wanaea-Lambert-Hermes (CWLH) fields are managed. There is tremendous value in IFM in numerous and often unexpected places. However, the greatest value likely lies within the improved integration of data and work practices and longer-term reservoir management. The benefit-cost ratio of IFM on the CWLH fields is likely in the order of ten to one. This paper demonstrates what a mid-sized oil and gas company can accomplish within 12 months and at relatively low-cost using off-the-shelf technology and starting with little pre-existing knowledge.

CWLH is four oil fields with 11 subsea wells tied back to a floating production storage offtake (FPSO) vessel located offshore on the North West Shelf of Australia. The initial focus of Woodside's Intelligent Field Management program is on near-term field management issues, including reducing well testing, daily optimisation, production allocation, and managing sand erosion. Woodside's IFM program is currently being implemented on two other oil assets, with an expansion to gas and longer-term reservoir management planned for later in 2008.

The Petroleum Experts' Integrated Field Manager™ is the calculation engine used in the IFM program, allowing for custom workflows to be automated and scheduled. For example, workflows have been created that can run every 30 minutes and automatically identify elements of an integrated asset model, where measured behaviour significantly diverges from calculated behaviour. Powerful visualisation for interpreting data, particularly across disciplines, was critical for success and was realised through ISS Group's Babelfish™ web based viewer.

Successful implementation relies on a highly motivated interdisciplinary team, dedicated IT and management support and close interaction with asset teams. Long-term success will require ongoing IT and super-user support.

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