Material balance analysis, a primary engineering technique, is an indispensable tool used for understanding the production performance and field management of mature gas reservoirs. Compilation and analysis of pressure-production data together with acomprehensive geological understanding including in-place hydrocarbon volumes and inter-block communication are prerequisites for material balance analysis. Deviation of observed P/Z data away from a straight idealised line necessitates further study, as it often indicates erroneous estimates of participating in-place volumes, aquifer support or reserves. Lack of pressure measurements, questionable stratigraphic correlations and uncertainty surrounding aquifer propertiesor reservoir connectivity highlight the requirement for further evaluation.

The objective of study is to develop a multi-tank material balance modelfor a mature, heterogeneous and compartmentalised carbonate gas field. Ultimately, the model must besufficiently robust to elucidate the field's production mechanism and optimise future field-development opportunities.

In this field, the pressure production behavior can be divided into two trends, an early rapid declining pressure trend, followed by a stabilised gradual pressure decline. Owing to higher drawdown in the field's early production life and insufficient recharging, the quick pressure decline underestimates the initial in-place gas volume. This volume is not adequate to support the sustained gas production rates observed in later years. This observation required further detailed analysis regarding the nature of zonal communication across adjacent reservoir intervals to better understand the production behavior of development wells during the design of the material balance model.

This paper discusses a study in which material balance analysis is coupled with multi-field network models. Implementation of this workflow can be usedto drive subsurface developmentsin a relatively short period.

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