An infill drilling campaign in offshore Myanmar was facing challenges to accommodate well intervention activity in order to achieve additional production targets; therefore, there was a need to search for an alternative, cost-effective solution in the current environment. A well with potential behind-casing opportunity was identified, and an innovative solution was proposed using coiled tubing (CT) fiber-optics real-time telemetry combined with the latest high-power battery cartridge technology to convey a tool capable to identify the reservoir saturation and conclusively detect the bypassed zones.

As a result of rig-up constraints, a standalone wireline unit could not be used to deploy the reservoir saturation tool on the selected well. The innovative solution was to convey the reservoir saturation tool using CT fiber-optics real-time telemetry along with the latest-technology high-power battery cartridge system, allowing real-time logging with CT, including additional safety precautions and radiation hazard controls while using the pulsed neutron generator device.

The intervention was performed concurrently with drilling operations on an adjacent well. A major effort was put in place to plan and execute this operation, especially because open well deployment was needed to address the rig-up height issue while doing the job below the rig floor; this was in addition to the extensive HSE risk mitigation for using the radioactive pulsed neutron generator device. The well was killed successfully, and the reservoir saturation tool was conveyed with CT to the target zone where two logging passes were made. Data were then sent for interpretation, and the CT was pulled back to surface after confirmation of data quality. As a result, the operator obtained conclusive data, and the decision was made to shut off the existing perforated zones and perforate the identified BCO. The simultaneous intervention and drilling operations, reduced footprint, and the additional production from this well saved the operator up to USD 2 million. With the integration of CT and wireline technologies and the introduction of a novel battery system for high-consumption logging tools such as the reservoir saturation tool, the operator efficiently and cost-effectively acquired data without nonproductive time (NPT) or compromising safety during operations.

An innovative and first-time operation in the entire region (Asia), the use of CT fiber-optics real-time telemetry combined with the latest high-power battery cartridge technology to deploy the reservoir saturation tool overcame operational challenges and enabled successful identification of the bypassed zone. The combination of these technologies can benefit other regions and other similar operations.

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