Upfront investment and capital commitment is required in installing Intelligent Completion (IC) in ‘S’ Field. Without diligently using real-time sensor data, IC becomes an expensive Sliding Sleeve Door (SSD). A real-time surveillance and analysis tool was developed to maximize IC zonal control decision-making for commingled production optimization. It enables user to utilize fully the hardware to improve production and to extract production and reservoir information for subsequent Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) workflow input. The analysis platform connects to real-time data source and performs calculations converting sensor data into knowledge [i.e. zonal flow rates, productivity index (PI) and reservoir pressure (P*)] and intelligence (i.e. zonal production optimization). User will spend minimal time on data gathering instead maximum time optimizing production by analyzing the trending and diagnostic plots.

IC is surface controllable multi-position zonal downhole sensors that read tubing and annulus pressure, tubing and annulus temperature and flow control valve (FCV) positions. ‘S’ Field installed IC in nine wells and is in the late production life of initiating an EOR multi-zone production optimization. However, under-utilized sensor data and trial-and-error zonal-control method led to suboptimal response time, production delay and reactive mitigation action. Furthermore, there are persistent difficulties of integrating multi-zone downhole sensors with surface well-test data in a single analysis platform to improve production or reduce watercut.

This paper will outline how the integrated analysis platform will help both operational and subsurface team in making faster and guided decision to maximize the reservoir recovery in an Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Integrated Operation IO. The tool was developed and tailored to complement IC installation in maximizing zonal control decision-making and zonal performance monitoring, specifically for commingled production. It is a customized solution to utilize zonal IC downhole data to enable field-wide EOR performance monitoring and trending advantages in ‘S’ Field EOR project.

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