The dynamic conditions for wells present multiple challenges for conventional electrical submersible pumping systems (ESPs). Sand production, formation damage, and free gas are some of the problems that require reliable solutions to enhance the performance and run life of the ESP system and increase production.

Continued monitoring of performance and operation of multiple ESP systems installed in the Boscan field has enabled the creation of best practices and technologies to improve ESP performance and maximize production. Integrated ESP solutions with sand control helped reduce the amount of sand entering the ESP system, significantly increasing its performance and reliability. In addition, a sand control filter provided efficient gas separation without moving parts, enhancing the ESP system performance and improving well productivity. Based on the application, sand size, and the amount of free gas, different sizes of sand control filters can be proposed to enhance the ESP performance in gassy and sandy applications.

This paper describes the benefit of ESP integration with sand control filters in high sand and gassy oil wells. This solution showed significant improvement in overall system reliability and performance. In addition, it helped the operator to economically produce from the wells and maximize their recoverable reserves. This solution also reduced operational expenditures (OPEX) and downtime related to ESP failures due to sand and pump gas lock caused by high free gas in the pump. The operator also reduced surface equipment maintenance costs as a result of the decreased amount of produced sand.

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