Completion type in Vico Indonesia is designed mainly based on the subsurface considerations. Multi-layer reservoir consisting of gas and oil reservoirs related with fluvio-deltaic depositional environment influences the production strategy which will need zone isolation for single or commingled production. Many completion types have been implemented since early development including single or dual selective, monobore, and dual monobore cemented as the most recent completion. There are more than 500 wells drilled and completed using dual monobore cemented completion. This completion type gives constraints on the application of common downhole pump lift. Evolution in the completion type requires a different approach in gas lift technique for oil development.

Many gas lift techniques have been applied to address the completion types. The gas lift techniques include the implementation of conventional gas lift with SPM, poor boy, coiled tubing gas lift, and coiled tubing gas lift with unloader. The first two methods are common for selective completions while the last two are fit for purpose for monobore completions.

The appropriate modification and selection on the gas lift techniques exhibits a real benefit to optimize oil recovery in these various and evolving completion types in VICO. The contribution is around 70% from total oil production while single year gas lift project contributes to approximately 30% of annual production in respective year. Total cumulative production from the application of these techniques is around 10 MMBO.

Modification in gas lift techniques is needed to tackle evolution of completion types. Coiled tubing gas lift with unloader is the newest technique used to enhance the advantage of coiled tubing gas lift application. The modification of gas lift techniques will be described in this paper.

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