The best way to maintain the base production since there is no drilling, fracturing, and limited rigless activity in mature field (Nilam field) is by reactivating cyclic wells, opening or shutting the well in for certain period of time. Hundreds of string, extensive area, and short period of cycle time make ineffective job since there are limited number of operators to handle. A design of automatic system to open or close cyclic well is created to solve the problem.

This automatic system named "autocyclic" modifies well instrument system. The method is by adding a pair of pressure switches to create pressure span between pressure setting value to open and close the SSV. When the shut-in pressure reaches the open pressure setting value, the SSV will automatically open and gas can flow, when the flowing pressure decline and reach the close pressure setting value, the SSV will automatically close. Using SSV as open and close mechanism does not eliminate its main function as safety valve.

The application of "autocyclic" is optimized based on well flowing time and pressure. The value of pressure switch setting is adjusted based on the history of the well and can be optimized to get the optimum cumulative production. Due to safety reason related with plant, the well is still choked. The result is astonishing reflected from there are 7 string installed in 2016 with total gain 1.31 MMscf compared with those wells produced in natural cycle. In the first semester 2016, those wells contribute 0.1 Bcf as cumulative production. These modifications cost around $ 608 per installation that mostly uses ex-used materials. In addition to low cost and production gain, "autocyclic" helps operators to prioritize more important tasks in the field.

Autocyclic is a simple double advantages technology. In addition to safety, well flowing cycle can be optimized and improved.

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