Intelligent well systems are useful in controlling multiple zones, managing water, reduceing well interventions, and increasing ultimate recovery especially for the high water cut well with multiple zones. The traditional hydraulic intelligent well systems are very complex, and high cost particularly in the current period of low oil prices. In this paper, we introduce a cable electric intelligent well completion system(EIWS), which is much convenient and low cost.

The system includes electrically driven inflow control devices(EDICD) connected to a ground control device through a single tubing-encased conductor cable, crossing packer, and remote controller. The EDICD consists of downhole valve, control circuit, temperature sensor, and pressure sensor, which can realize the inflow control and monitoring together. Multiple EDICD can be used to adjust production performance for multiple zones independently. The valve opening degree of each EDICD can be adjusted in no-step. The power supply and real-time signal transmission are achieved by the single conductor cable. The ground control device provides precision control of downhole valves and collection of monitoring data. The operators can remotely control and monitor the system from anywhere by the remote controller, which features an intuitive interface showing the valve opening degree and monitoring data.

The applications of the EIWS were carried out in Tuha oilfield for field trials. The EIWS was installed in conjunction with a rod pump during the workover of an existing completion. The maximum depth of well is more than 3000 meters. The results show that the EIWS is convenient and reliable. The production performance of the zone with high water cut can be effectively adjusted. Meanwhile, the change trends of temperature and pressure for each zone are easily observed.

The long-term monitoring and real-time control are useful for the optimization of well production performance with higher efficiency. Moreover, the reduction of well interventions can save cost. This paper will illustrate the key learnings based on the field trials.

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