Multilayer injection will increase oil recovery greater than single-layer injection in Water Flood Project. Separated injection is able performed with a single layer system but requires a lot of injection well. Multilayer well has been proven ineffective without flow separation of each layer because permeability and reservoir pressure. Although reservoir separation can be applied by using multilayer packer, but flow rate control is base concept of injection program.

Bridge Eccentric Injection Mandrel has a configuration that provides controller of flow rate at each injection layers. There is Side Pocket Mandrel for placing nozzle when install Hydraulic Packer and adjust flowrate that in accordance with injection target. This technology provides a method to prove the packer has been set and sealed by using Double Memory Pressure Gauge placed in Side Pocket Mandrel. Inside body of Bridge Eccentric Injection Mandrel has a special groove for guide Running & Pulling Tool when perform nozzle adjustment job.

Bridge Eccentric Injection Mandrel provides high accuracy reservoir data in each layer in multilayer packer injection. This technology is proven to have a system of separation and flow rate control and installation of well completion can be performed easily. Due to proven each packer has been set and seal flow connection between the layers, it gives confidence to get a more accurate data. Flow rate test results show a little difference compared with the target of injection that is affected by the surface pressure and pressure of each layer. Replacement nozzle to regulate flow rate can be conducted using a slick line unit and rig less thereby reducing operational cost.

Implementation this flow rate control technology is able for multilayer injection in every oil field. Monitoring and surveillance for update of well data can be obtained any time with low operational cost.

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