This paper presents analysis of Multi Zone Single Trip Gravel Pack (MZ-STGP) experience and performance in Total E&P Indonesie for more than decade in challenging field environment and global market condition. MZ-STGP has been utilized as a robust sand control completion methodology for sand prone reservoirs in Mahakam Delta since 2006. It enables saving of 3-6 days of rig time depending of well configuration compared to classic stack Gravel Pack (GP). More than 250 wells have been completed with satisfactory result and later drive the company business strategy.

Since the downturn of oil and gas industry in year 2014, a "cost efficiency project" called 4C&D (Change Culture, Compete on Costs & Deliver) was launched by Total to targets sustainable culture change and reduction in cost. It involves all aspect in company activities included in scope all operating, whether Total operated or operated by others. This project comprises a number of action plans – "roadmaps", where MZ-STGP became part of it. The target was to have an approach to identify current MZ-STGP performance and understand how to improve it by utilizing certain methodologies and tools.

The purpose of this paper is to provide the MZ-STGP practical steps implemented over the past few years using Technical Limit (TL) methodology. This methodology is expected to improve the efficiencies in whole aspects mainly related to performance monitoring as well as maintain low cost in order to have synergy with 4C&D spirit. The approach was influenced by comprehensive statistical data and ideas which resulting changes in the procedures as well as development in technology and equipment. As a result, a step change improvement in MZ-STGP completion performance was successfully achieved.

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