The Company had successfully drilled 4 challenging BD Development Wells (1 vertical and 3 horizontal). BD Field reservoir is aKujung 1 limestone reef, considered near HPHT and critical sour with 8,100 psi Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP), 300℉ Bottom Hole Temperature (BHT), 5.5% CO2 and 5,000 ppm H2S. This paper highlights the design phase and well deliverability covering pressure window, casing design, material selection, wellhead and Christmas tree, directional drilling planning, drilling fluid, cementing consideration, well completion, annulus pressure management, and project challenges.

The data from two offset wells with surface location radius fewer than 2,000 ft from BD Platform were used as reference for lessons learnt and design for the casing seat selection. Based on the Wellbore Stability Study and the offset wells data, there exists a narrow mud weight window between pore pressure and fracture pressure. The directional plan was developed to have sufficient well separation in the upper hole section and enable fewer dog leg severity requirement to drill in the down hole section. Material selection for casing was designed based on the expected life of the well and reservoir properties in accordance to the requirements of NACE. Drill-in fluid system (Potassium Formate and Manganese Tetraoxide) with mud weight of 14.9 ppg was used to drill the limestone reservoir section providing minimal damage to the reservoir. Production casing cement was tested and analyzed in the laboratory for 60days in the HPHT chamber simulating reservoir properties. Open Hole Monobore Completion approach was selected to complete the well. In order not to compromise well integrity, annulus pressure management technique was fully implemented during drilling, completion, and well clean up phases.

The wells were successfully executed despite several challenges which required unique mitigations to manage. During well clean ups, all wells were able to exceed the Absolute Open Flow (AOF) expectations.

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