The asset optimization system deployed in Kuwait's Greater Burgan oil field involved development of an integrated model of the processing facility, flowlines and wells. The objective of the integrated asset model is to achieve production optimization from the network considering well performance and restrictions combined with the limitation imposed by the surface piping network and the processing facilities.

The Burgan oil field's integrated digital field (KwIDF) automation system monitors well and plant instruments in real time from SCADA and DCS systems. It uses real time wellhead pressure and water water-cut measurements for virtual metering and calibration of the well and network models. To maintain the facility production target, various built-in production optimization scenarios are run daily and the results are visualized through smart dashboards in the state-of-the-art collaboration center. The results are shown as new optimized set points for choke or header changesto achieve facility production targets. The new set points can be automatically passed on to the SCADA system for implementation after quick validation by the stakeholders.

The paper provides new insights on the challenges of effectively running an integrated well and network model in an automated workflow through full loop, from measurement to implementing recommendations at wells and the production facility. Examples are presented on how the workflow has been used in quick analysis and decision making to optimize daily production and achieve sustainable targets in one of the production facilities at Greater Burgan field in Kuwait.

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