The main goal in well integrity management is to ensure integrity of the well is designed, achieved, monitored and maintained throughout the life cycle of the well. In PETRONAS, the status of the well integrity is closely monitored by Subsurface Team. One of the important aspects of monitoring and maintenance of the well integrity is to have a reliable data management system that able to automate all the processes from data storage until data utilization stage. The system should be developed in such a way it follows the organization business workflows hence it will be fitted to increase the efficiency in managing well integrity. The process of transforming operational data into a form best suited visuals for analysis and reporting is essential to extract valuable insight from various datasets.

Since most of the well data are resided in various sources such as different type of database, servers, local workstations etc., it will generate another level of complexity if traditional way of data mining is being practices, i.e. using excel spreadsheet to analyse large and varied data sets. Thus, Business Intelligent (BI) concept is adapted to simplify the automation of data mining and transformation of the data to knowledge.

Web-Based Application, "Well Workbench of Asset Repository (WellWAR)" has been developed for SKG (SKG) Subsurface Team with the above intention. In general, WellWAR will automate some part of data lifecycle processes, that include but not limited to; data entry, data mining, interactive visualization, analytic and reporting. At the current stage, there are well construction parameters, well integrity, idle well, well's budget, surveillance data, technical potential and general reservoir parameters which are all have been integrated into the application. This significantly enhanced existing well data and well integrity management as WellWAR has centralized most of well data information at one place.

This paper will demonstrate on how BI concept can be utilized to produce the more insightful report in making business or operational decision by integrating various dataset that related to well integrity. In terms of functionality, the flexibility to filter with the feature of a responsive visual gives another level of experience while exploring the data, especially when investigating the impact of well's technical potential in relation to unhealthy, idle well status and condition of the wells.

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