The brown field, Mutiara, has been producing for more than 25 years where its reservoirs consist of thousands of lenses as a result of the deltaic sedimentation. Operated by VICO Indonesia, aggressive drilling program was implemented to arrest production decline and to increase additional oil reserves from existing and newly discovered reservoirs. Current practice of producing natural flow will not be sufficient to recover oil from small lenses reservoir. Therefore, integrated works need to be implemented for the oil development in this field.

Splitting focus from gas to oil production is long journey to walk. Major facility upgrading was needed to eliminate gas lift system "blank spot". Additional compressor was also needed to maintain gas lift pressure distribution in southern remote area.

A thorough project planning and procedure are established to ensure optimum field production. Oil zones evaluations followed by prioritization are discussed with well intervention and construction team. After perforation is completed, PCTGL was designed with thorough calculation. It is important to accurately measure pressure drop along gas lift line since PCTGL use single unloader valve which is sensitive to injection pressure changes.

VICO Indonesia cross function team, consisting of Resource Management, Technical Support and Operation, conducted regular bi-weekly monitor during this development phase. It was important to ensure every team carried out their respective responsibility.

Then harvest time is coming; Mutiara oil production delivered average production of 4,981 BOPD in 2016, an increase of average 2,970 BOPD than 2013. The integrated gas lift also managed base production annual decline by delivering above 4,500 BOPD for in 2015. In the last four years, VICO Indonesia also managed to produce cumulative of 5.1 MMBO oil from this project.

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