There are several parties involved in the implementation of manpower contract management in Total E&P Indonesie (TEPI); the manpower contract personnel, the contractor, Manpower Contract Department (specific department in TEPI who in charge for managing labor supply), and User wherein the personnel deliver their services. Employment issues, grievance or complaint regarding administrative matters may appear in day to day operation which may lead to disruption of work or dissatisfied personnel. However, personnel tend to raise their inquiries to User and Manpower Contract Department (MPC) rather to their real employer, the contractor. As a result, User and MPC will be preoccupied with administration matters and the contractor will have no clue on the ongoing issues. In the present work, SLA 257 is introduced and built to fix the communication flow in this manpower contract management case. By implementing the SLA 257, the effectiveness of communication and problem solving in the implementation of manpower contracts in TEPI have improved significantly. Users and MPC could focus on their operational activities and no longer busy with personnel's questions related to administration matters. In the other hand, effective communication between contractor and their employee impacting to their engagement and personnel satisfactory. In conclusion, the implementation of SLA 257 is not only promoting an effective communication in manpower contract management but also supporting the smooth operational activities in general.

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