Total E&P Indonesie (TEPI) is an integrated oil and gas company based in Mahakam Delta (Mahakam PSC), East Kalimantan. The fields are mature, with declining reserves found on existing & newly drilled well. Global situation dictates oil and gas industries (Including TEPI) to adapt by controlling cost (CAPEX & OPEX). Change Culture Compete on Cost and Deliver (4C&D) becomes the daily practice as it is considered as the means to survive. The change of culture & way of working has been integrated in the design methodology of the surface engineering team. The mindset is to implement "fit for purpose design", by utilizing existing material on stock and/or optimizing existing facility (instead of capital procurement). This approach is performed as such as design requirement is adapted to deliver the most favorable safe design. The methodology has been translated into several success stories; One of them is the revival of preserved gathering facility through minimalist concept. The project design execution embodied the "fit for purpose" design as the facility was revived with minimal effort (instead of complete reinstatement as per original design intent), with most material utilized from existing facility or existing stock. From process engineering and safety review, change of operating philosophy is foreseen when opting to the minimalist concept. However, with proper risk evaluation that was performed throughout the engineering phase, all possible risk has been identified, assessed & properly addressed. Furthermore, the change of operating philosophy has been assimilated seamlessly by the site operation team. The reactivation project has been completed smoothly on time (gas in before 1/4/2016), below budget (USD 1.3M realization / 1.5M budget) and maintained high safety standard as TEPI core value (no HSE incident). Currently, the facility has been put on stream, with recorded peak production of 16 MMscfd. This example had perfectly demonstrated that the change of mindset has been profound in delivering design that is suited for current economical environment. The willingness and the courage to get out from the comfort zone is one of vital element for success. The culture of opting to "fit for purpose" design as base case has been embedded in the DNA of TEPI surface engineering team, making it as one of the mandatory tools to survive.

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