Dealing with mature offshore oilfield has complicated problems both surface and subsurface. In the reservoir condition high water cut wells make some bad impact in the production stages. Liquid handling facilities, tubing pipeline erosion, broken sand control, and high power consumption are several problem caused by high water cut wells. WW is an offshore oil field which has developed since 1990s with OOIP 758 MMBO. This reservoir was divided into several layer, 33 series is depleted reservoir with water injection since year 2000s (RF 23%) and 35 Series has strong water drive as its driving mechanism (RF 56%). Almost 85% of the oil wells is producing with water cut more than 97%. Increasing water cut or even watered out phenomenon was frequently happen during production stage, some of this problem was happen after well intervention such as after pump replacement. This paper will show the successful case of decreasing water cut significantly from WW D-29, WW H-12, II A-22.

Laboratory test was firstly done to check the compatibility test of the rock with modified completion fluid. This chemical was mainly works as phase change water control and oil stabilize well for completion fluid. It was pumped simultaneously with regular completion fluid (filtered drill water and additives). Killing well was mandatory procedure when shut in wells will be repaired. GGR team supported by Production and Workover Team did integrated study to choose the chemical and well selection based on some criteria.

WW D-29, WW H-12, and II A-22 are wells which have implemented modified completion fluid treatment. Those wells are produced from sandstone reservoir and drilled more than 10 years ago. During production period, water cut was significantly jumped due to several reason, such as pump replacement job, re-start up after the well trip off, etc. The result of the project were very excellent, WW D-29 (from 98% to 86%, gain +/− 180 bopd), WW H-12 (from 80% to 40%, gain +/− 250 bopd) and II A-22 (96% to 75%, gain +/− 130 bopd). These result give a lot of impact of increasing oil production in WW Field.

This paper will elaborate how to solve the problem in offshore mature oil field special case for high water cut wells using modification of completion fluid treatment. We have succeeded increasing oil reserves.

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