Numerical simulation of well production performance for tight oil/gas reservoirs is a hot issue during recent years. Embedded discrete facture model (EDFM) is an effective numerical simulation tool as its advantages and becomes popular. Now it is widely used in multistage fractured horizontal well performance prediction. In this paper, we will extend EDFM to study the well production performance when considering Pre-Darcy flow. Firstly, the two phases flow model is established. The conservation equations are derived for different media, i.e., fracture and matrix. For the flow in fracture, the Darcy's law is used. In the matrix, the Pre-Darcy flow is considered. Then, the solution workflow is showed and the verification is presented. The simulation results of the extended model are compared with that of local grid refined (LGR) method. Finally, the test cases are presented. We show the difference of oil/water production rate when considering Darcy flow and Pre-Darcy flow. The pressure and saturation distribution are also compared. The results show big difference will happen when using different flow model.

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