This presentation will be based on the methodology associated with Operational Readiness and Operational Safety and how it is integrated with the design, detailed engineering, project management and commissioning of an FPSO project to provide an integrated delivery solution. It also tries to answer the following questions: What do we understand of Operational Readiness and Operational Safety? How do they fit in with Asset owners’ requirement of the project, and process needed to be carried out in the space of assessment of Operational Readiness & Operational Safety review by the project management team? The overall objective of the program is to enlighten the audience regarding the physical engineering characteristics of the FPSO and developing a step by step method for the safe and reliable operational processes over the life of a facility using the elements in the risk-based process safety management for managing risk. This also identifies hazard scenarios/events and potential associated human errors. Further, to develop models and tools in order to integrate human reliability science into predictive models and tools for analysis of the safety of the FPSO operations.

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