In recent years, the flexible coiled composite pipe (FCCP) has developed rapidly in China. Because of its merit about chemical inertness, it has been introduced to onshore oilfields to endurance some severe situations, such as serving as tubing in corrosive and waxy oil wells, as tubing in scaling water injection wells or as surface gathering pipelines, especially suitable for mountainous areas. This paper will introduce the development status of FCCP in different applications.

According to our research and development, for FCCP structure manufacture, there are two main technical routes in China, non-adhesive pipe and adhesive pipe. These two kinds of pipe meet the merits of FCCP, however, there are some differences in technical parameters. Obviously, non-adhesive pipe has smaller bending radius, but the integrity of adhesive pipe is better which is good for fitting installation. In this technical stage, the FCCP has been applied in surface gathering system, general water injection system and rodless artificial lift system.

For surface gathering system, this is the most mature application of this technology. It has been laid over 30,000 kilometers. Compared with steel pipe, the equipment of FCCP is simple and high laying efficiency. For general water injection system, the FCCP replaces steel pipe by high working efficiency and long endurance. It has been applied more than 80 wells. For rodless artificial lift system, there are almost 60 wells applied FCCP. It is the severest running condition for FCCP with high temperature, high wellbore pressure and high varies suspension force. This application reveals the advancement of FCCP by twining cables inside the pipe body and adding functions of real-time monitoring and heating. Two typical applications are serving as tubing in cold heavy oil production and acid gas corrosion oil well. The application of FCCP has made great progress. But there are several key issues that need to be resolved in the future research. First, there is lack of post evaluation of performance. Second, the limit of material working temperature shrinks the application scope. Third, the external pressure resistance is limited.

This paper shows the applications of flexible coiled composite pipe in onshore oilfields of China in the past 5 years, including a summary of technical experience, and proposing the goal of further research.

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