Pertamina Hulu Energi operates numerous wells that produce gas from unconsolidated, tight sands in the Mahakam Delta. The company maintains a zero-sand production policy as its surface facilities are not designed to handle sand. If sand is produced, the wells are choked back, thus impairing the overall field production. To fix sand and fines in place, the primary sand control method used has been multizone single-trip gravel packing, sometimes in conjunction with sand consolidation or ceramic screen for noneconomic zones. However, the current state of the Tunu shallow portfolio renders sand consolidation infeasible, as more than 50% of the remaining reservoirs are either low-stakes (i.e. not economical) or are located in low-permeability zones. Against this backdrop, sand conglomeration is being considered as an alternative solution to produce the remaining reservoirs. A trial has been conducted to assess the feasibility of using sand conglomeration technology as an alternative to sand consolidation in the Mahakam Delta, the results of which will be reviewed in this paper.

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