Field B, located offshore Malaysia is heavily reliant on gas lift due to the high water cut behavior of the reservoir coupled with low-medium reservoir pressure. The field faces a challenge to efficiently execute production enhancement activities due to its low effective man-hour, a drawback of unmanned operation philosophy. The recent oil price downturn further exacerbates the limitation and calls for an innovative approach to continue the effort for maximizing oil recovery.

As majority of the producing wells are gas-lifted, Gas Lift Optimization (GLOP) is an integral part of Field B's routine production enhancement job. The previous practice of GLOP involves data acquisition process of surface parameters and wireline intervention to collect Bottomhole Pressure (BHP), mainly Flowing Gradient Survey (FGS). Relying on wireline intervention limits the number of gas lift troubleshooting activities due to the low man-hour availability. To address this constraint, CO2 Tracer application was implemented in a campaign to supplement Field B GLOP effort. CO2 Tracer is a technology whereby concentrated CO2 is injected into the gas lift stream via the casing. CO2 returns are collected at the tubing end and utilized to diagnose the gas lift performance.

The CO2 Tracer campaign was successfully executed in Platform A, B and C, covering 58 strings within an effective period of 3 months. This achievement is a milestone for the field as it opens a new approach in GLOP data acquisition process. Several advantages observed by executing this campaign is as follows:

  1. Multiplication of opportunities generation due to quick and simple operations of CO2 Tracer survey compared to wireline intervention for FGS.

  2. Reduction in HSE risks and intervention-related well downtime due to minimal intrusive requirement for well hook-up.

  3. Better understanding of complex dual gas lift completion due to simultaneous survey execution.

  4. Supplement CO2 baseline measurement for flow assurance monitoring.

  5. Quick quality check on gas lift measurement device.

This paper will discuss on the challenges at Field B to implement GLOP, technology overview of CO2 tracer, the full cycle process of the CO2 tracer campaign and results of the campaign. Several examples of the findings will also be shared.

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