Improving safety culture is a never ending challenge in Well Construction & Intervention (WCI). WCI launched several HSEQ initiatives in 2018 with expectation to reduce numbers of incident or similar incident recurrence in WCI operation. Those initiatives are Broadcast Safety Message, I-Care Leader, HSEQ Perfect Days, Safety Stand Down, Well Sentinel, Back to Basic and View and Review (V&R). Each HSEQ initiatives were introduced to achive Company ultimate goal, ZERO LTI.

By definition, view is the act of seeing or looking at something (John Milton, 1608-1674) and review is to think or talk about something again, in order to make changes to it or to make a decision about it (

View and Review from WCI perspective meaning a technique to observe a daily activities or daily situation at work-place then to discuss the act/ situation with respective personnel in order to capture the positive point as well as point of improvement from the act/ situation being captured.

Key points of this initiative are no blame culture; open mind and sharing knowledge are the utmost spirit when delivering this program. Therefore the new worker will take a lot of benefit when participating in the program and to merge their behavior in the existing safety culture of the organization.

V&R initiative is a simple initiative and effective to boost up crew safety awareness and to facilitate sharing knowledge between teammates. This initiative can be implemented by all personnel; either experienced personnel, new personnel or even a visitor. The success of a program is how easy/ simple and fun the program to be implemented because it needs to be effective to achieve the objective itself.

Delivering the program to all crew on board for sure is a challenge. Consistency of its implementation is also another challenge. Hazard and risk do exist, the way on how we prevent and mitigate is the key of excellence HSE Performance, and one of the way to achieve it is View and Review.

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