Traditionally, people ought to come to a face-to-face or in-class training, whether arranged by company through in-house training or set up by a public provider. This conservative mechanism has its drawbacks for employees as in-class training require them to be in one location at a certain time. It becomes a challenge specifically for an employee in Oil & Gas company with its various working hour and working schedule (rotational or residential). This paper describes the breakthrough effort in PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam (PHM) where training is delivered using online blended learning methods in which employees can participate actively in a learning program conducted from any region of the world without leaving the workstation or residence. Online blended learning does not require any fancy equipment or tools, as a participant only needs a laptop or desktop with speakerphone and of course, good internet connection. Besides, online blended learning may also worth to consider in terms of cost that might be lesser than conducting in-class training or sending people to conventional public training.

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