Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) has a complex production gathering network that comprises of multiple onshore and offshore Assets. Gas and oil is produced under different pressure regimes, and with varying compositions. The production from each asset can be routed in multiple ways to different customers, each with their own compositional requirements. Crude oil and gas is routed to Brunei Liquified Natural Gas (BLNG) and Seria Crude Oil terminal (SCOT) for further processing before export to external customers. Apart from export, other customers include BMC (Brunei Methanol Company), Brunei Shell Refinery (BSR) and Department of Electrical Services (DES), fueling Brunei's vehicles, homes and local industries.

Currently this complex production network is managed by a dedicated Operations Control Centre (OCC). The central OCC team coordinates, monitors and controls the hydrocarbon activities to meet customers' quality and quantities demand by engaging with the 4 individual Asset Operation teams, as well as customers, to optimize production at the Pan-BSP system level.

With the introduction of the Integrated Production Monitoring and Optimisation System (IPMOS) tool, the Pan-BSP production optimisation can be automated, in real-time. The IPMOS tool performs a high-level production optimisation built on top of existing real-time well production surveillance models, and it dynamically adjusts the system capacity in the event of upsets. In this way, the tool provides day to day advisory of production optimisation during both normal operations as well as during different production upset scenarios, and it also eliminates the need for OCC team to maintain multiple MS Excel sheets/macros to cater for those scenarios. This is a step forward in production system optimisation through digitalisation.

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