Mature facilities were previously built based on outdated code and standards which do not yet incorporate lessons from recent incidents. In order to have more robust plant safety management, plant design and Emergency Preparedness are upgraded incorporating new technologies.

The selected upgrading methodology involves comparing the available emergency scenarios versus all possible emergency scenarios that might happen to the facility. Scenarios that already have appropriate mitigations are reviewed in order to adapt with the latest plan condition. Meanwhile, scenarios that were yet considered in the initial design are carefully assessed. New available technologies are identified and selected to mitigate this new identified scenario. Upon the completion of necessary modifications, facility emergency response procedures are updated comprehensively

Triggered by full surface tank fire incident in one of refinery, detail gap analysis was performed to check the potential emergency scenario and its available mitigation at Senipah Terminal. Based on gap analysis, it was confirmed that initial design of this > 40 year storage tank Facility was not designed to cope with full surface fire but it was designed to mitigate rim seal fire. Based on thorough study, following are improvement of safety and operation aspect of storage tank which already been implemented including: provision of High Capacity Cannon Monitor (HCCM) complete with fire network and foam system improvement, on-line tank surveillance and monitoring system installation, rim gap minimizing and fire embark system improvement to improve existing rim seal firefighting system, spill containment system improvement, foam truck replacement to support firefighting scenario. Site emergency contingency plan was also updated to align with the latest modifications.

Throughout plant lifetime, the emergency preparedness document is live document which should be continuously updated refering to the most recent standard and lesson learnt from the industry. Emergency preparedness is also much linked to the plant design. Any modification on the facility shall be followed by reviewing and updating existing plant emergency management system.

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