Torsional vibrations (stick slip) and limited reached drilling are slowing down drilling operations and increasing drilling costs. Therefore, to mitigate these problems, the use of Friction Reduction System (FRS) is considered. FRS is a system commonly used to reduce downhole friction during drilling operations. Drilling parameter results are compared with offset well that had high stick slip.

The approach was based on qualitative research method, data processing obtained from the drilling operation of the well X. The method was performed by evaluating the use of FRS in the BHA series during the drilling operation. Such method mainly revolves around calculating some drilling parameters such as Torque, Weight on Bit (WOB), Rate of Penetration (ROP), Revolutions per Minute (RPM) and analysing the log results of the tools contained in the Rotary Steerable System (RSS) and Measurement While Drilling (MWD), as well as comparing it with offset well Y, which had high stick slip.

The result of data analysis shows that the use of FRS tool on drilling of well X is more effective and efficient compared to well Y, evidenced by drilling parameter such as WOB and Torque that are reduced by around 30%, with downhole and surface RPM being relatively constant, and supported by log results that do not show any signs of stick slip. Furthermore, the use of FRS tool is compatible with BHA component (Mud Motor / RSS / MWD / LWD) as no problems was caused by FRS on the dynamic data of drilling well X. By comparing the two wells, the use of FRS on well X proved the ability to reduce the stick slip and increase weight transfer, thus reducing the cost of drilling.

The expected result of this analysis is a reference to the use of FRS tools as a component of BHA that is placed a few feet away from the bits in accordance with its effectiveness level that can reduce the potential hazards of stick slip vibrations and expected to improve drilling efficiency in terms of time and cost.

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