Novoportovskoe field is located on the Yamal peninsula, Russian Far North. Production started in 2016. The production gathering system utilizes an 8 km, 800 mm ID multiphase pipeline located on surface. Due to permafrost the pipe lays 1 to 5 meters above surface on a concrete support. In order to reduce the risk of temperature influence, 35 U-shaped expansion units are used. An oil field experience high GOR grows with average fluid velocity in pipeline about 15 m/sec and GOR above 500 m3/m3. The slug flow condition and high fluid velocities leads to severe flow impact on the pipeline.

A model based on dynamic multiphase flow simulator and simplified mechanical influence was built to investigate pipeline operation conditions. Vibration measurements gathered on site were used to calibrate the model. Recommendations for further oil field infrastructure development were proposed.

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