In recent years the Industry are busy talking about the subject of mature field development, lots of opportunity and approaches has been applied to enhanced reserves and production, in the other hand efficiency and technology also can be the answer of the subject, big volume of data at high frequency produced every second, searching relevant information from those data are quite complex and time consuming, not to mention processing huge data volume for many particular solution, it is complicating the decision making process. The objective of this paper is addressing the process and technical challenges in building digital oil field platform at offshore mature asset to speed up the decision making and make operation activities more efficient.

The design of the workflows and business processes are tailored to accommodate any kind of input across all the disciplines from reservoir, production, drilling and completion to produce output as desired. The early stage process of building digital oil field system starts from data utilization that produced by downhole sensors, it is attached with Electric Submersible Pump that installed at all wells. The data transformed into information for real-time production monitoring & optimization, these workflows allow production enhancement by continuous monitoring of production parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow rates, choke settings and target. Analysis of these parameters carried out using trend, in case of anomalies happens in the process, the system will provide the information and possible solution.

Digital Oil Field technology can be a game changer for the mature field development in the future. Integration of technology, process and people together to achieve financial objective is the major initiative of digital project, but applying digital technology is easier said than done as our companies are finding out, in our case we faced several difficulties that need time and complex algorithm to find the solution. But this early stage of digital oil field will answer the challenges in managing offshore mature asset efficiently, because it will reduce downtime, optimize production, and reduce cost. The future development of digital oil field in SES Block will allow all parties to grab the information in present time and also the forecast prediction of asset performance in the future.

SES Block is a mature oil field that has produced for more than 50 years, peak production rate almost reached 250,000 BOPD in 1991, while current production rate around 30,000 BOPD. One of the major problems in this asset is the excessive use of Electric Submersible Pump that generates high operating cost, this is the reason why efficiency during daily operation process using digital oil field application is smart answer to reduce cost and optimize company profit.

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