It is a great challenge for well integrity when a high volume gas production well is found with the production casing broken near the wellhead hanger resulting in high pressure communication between Annulus A and B.

The objective of the paper is to propose a new solution to establish a strong pressure barrier between annulus via a sealant system and to show that such a barrier has been proven to be durable for long time.

A proprietary resin sealant is the key technology and precise job planning and execution are also viewed as being vital to the success of treatments.

Because tubing flow pressure may reach up to 10,000 psi during production after recompletion, operator decided to pressure test the sealant barrier to 10,000 psi for a minimum of 30 minutes duration. If pressure drop during the pressure test is less than 100psi, then the well is allowed to be recompleted.

Several spots and squeezes of sealant eventually setup a strong pressure barrier and were pressure tested up to 10,000 psi in both A and B Annuli. There was no pressure communication at the other annulus in the 30 minute test period.

In the past six (6) years, the operator has tried several jobs to repair casing leaks but none were successful. It was the first time that a sealant system provided a solution to repair a casing leak and hold a high pressure differential.

During recompletion, the production packer failed to set but the operator decided to initiate production. A annulus pressure increased quickly and finally stabilized at 8700 psi. It is now a year since the job was completed in October, 2019, and B annulus pressure in has consistently remained at zero pressure. This has proved that the sealant technology can securely setup and provide a high pressure barrier which is valid for long term V0 sealing.

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