The first hydraulic-jet-fracturing multizone completion application was performed in an offshore high-permeability oil well located in the Bozhong oil field in Bohai Bay, China. A detailed case study is presented, highlighting operational challenges and lessons learned from the offshore multizone completion in the Bozhong field.

Most offshore high-permeability oilwell completions in the Bozhong field employ tubing conveyed perforation (TCP) followed by frac-packing as multi-zone completions, which is practical in this field. Unlike conventional multizone frac-pack completions, to run perforation guns, the perforating must be completed first, followed by running isolation packers to complete the multizone frac-packing treatments. For hydraulic-jet-fracturing multizone completions, the hydraulic jetting tools are delivered to the target depth using drill pipe; following that, slurry fluid is pumped through the drill pipe to cut through the casing to create fluid flowing channels, which communicate with the pay zone formation. Lastly, the fracturing operation is completed by pumping both proppant slurry through the drill pipe and cleaning fluid through the annulus simultaneously, which creates dynamic hydraulic diversion as functions of isolation between zones. After completing one treatment zone, the tools are pulled to the next target depth, repeating the procedures, until the entire well is complete. After the fracturing treatment, the operator runs production tubing and other accessories, putting the well into production as usual.

A detailed completion design and step-by-step operational procedures were prepared based on well data and work conditions to help ensure the effectiveness and safety of the offshore operation. Although some challenges were encountered during the operation, it was overall successfully performed, and significant performance improvement was achieved. After being in production for months, the candidate well has maintained a longer high-production-rate period than the offset wells completed using conventional multizone frac-pack completions.

This hydraulic-jet-fracturing multizone completion has proven successful in the Bozhong oil field. The experiences and lessons learned can help benefit future multizone completion optimization for other similar offshore high-permeability oil wells.

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