Quantitative information regarding multiphase flow of oil, gas & water in wells or pipelines are very important in continuous well performance monitoring, production optimization, flow assurance, well testing, production allocation, etc. So far, the multiphase flow measurement methods are usually of low efficiency, low accuracy, high cost and delay delivery, and hard to reflect the real transient fluid production performance at wellheads or pipelines. Therefore, it is urgent to seek accurate and reliable multiphase flow detection devices and methods that can meet the monitoring demands of unconventional oil and gas resources.

Breaking through the technical bottleneck, a novel method and device for online multiphase flow detection based on magnetic resonance (MR) is proposed. The flowing MR data acquisition, processing and interpretation methods are proposed to fill the blank of traditional methods. The full bore, straight tube design does not restrict the flow line and eliminates wear of internal parts and pressure drops, the Halbach magnet structure is designed to provide a uniform magnetic field inside the bore while cancelling the magnetic field outside the housing of the device, the separate antenna structure is designed to eliminate flow effects on MR measurement, and the integration of measurement and control technology realizes unmanned operation.

With the good indoor experiment and field application results, it has achieved accurate, reliable, green, in-situ and online detection of multiphase flow.

As a flowmeter, the device reduces the amount of measuring equipment needed and manages wells more efficiently. And as a ‘fluid analysis laboratory’, it can provide first-hand information on oil and gas properties. It also marks another new application direction of MR technology in the petroleum industry after well logging.

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